Review: Charlotte Tilbury

Ah CT. How you went for a well respected and famously admired makeup artist to a cosmetics mogul. Everything from the rose gold packaging, the beautiful website and the very clever youtube series showing you how to use the products. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of products! Especially with a new brand and you don’t know what you want yet. So I followed her bombshell look (of course) and dropped a pretty penny on some beautiful products.

Heres what I went with: Full fat glossy lash mascara, Matte revolution lipstick in Red Carpet Red, retoucher in Fair 1, Colour Chameleon eye pencil in Amber Haze, Lip Cheat pencil in pillow case and a pencil sharpener as the eye pencil is big!

First things first, packaging is amazing, really luxurious! The matte lipstick box was matte. How amazing.

Red Carpet red is a fabulous blue red, the packaging is beautiful although some people may find it a little frumpy as quite old fashioned and heavy. Totally up my street, thick metal and a lot heavier then the besame lipsticks which also have retro gold packaging. The red is lovely and dense, matte but not patchy and long lasting. It did rub out somewhat in the middle but not the edges over the day but that’s hardly unusual. The colour while being gorgeous isn’t totally dissimilar to Besame’s red velvet or MAC’S russian red. For me it will always be special for the packaging as I’m a sucker for the glam. Next time I will got for a nude shade as I adore the range she has, I went with red for my first buy as I KNOW I will wear it.

More beautiful packaging with the retoucher! It’s a beautiful highlighting pen, it’s a touche eclat type product for the inside of the eyes and dark edges. I love it, use it every day. It has a light almost watery texture which means it doesnt sit and crease. Fabulous for older ladies!The mascara is great, I have fairly standard lashes, not long and thick, not short or thin, just sort of in between everything. All I can really expect it darker lashes and perhaps a small amount of lengthening. Honestly though I just dont like lengthening mascaras, I just want mine to look dark and thick and this does that! No spider lashes, not thinner and longer. The nude lip pencil is beautiful, pretty much my lip colour and perfect for over lining, 60’s looks. days when I want to look natural (LOL JK).



The Rights Of Spring

So there may be tumble weed blowing through this little blog of mine…and I had such high hopes for my winter of blogging! Somehow though I couldnt find the motivation to post things. I would have content and even images but procrastination got the better of me. So here we are again. Me setting myself deadlines: this week I will write about spring style aspirations. Including of course the truly amazing Catherine Denueve….


Illamasqua review and gothic glamour look


Now those who know me know I work a lot with Illamasqua products in my work kit. I love so much about the brand, their creative director Alex Box is one my heroes as she is for many artists working today. The brand has a strong identity, a dark glamorous image that manages to bridge the gap from smokey bold theatrical to neutral hyper realistic. I decided to put in my seasonal order and stocked up on some pallets and strong lip colours.

The new Facets pallet is a little beauty (pictured above). I have this one for my personal stash and I’m already using every day. It includes “Aura”, a gold iridescent highlighter cream and “hollow” which is a great cream pigment …perfect for gentle contouring for light skins. The brow powder is “thunder and perhaps a little too brown for my brows. That is the problem with pallets like this is everything wont be perfect for everyone…but all in all the powder colour choices are good will work on a lot of people! it also comes with a little brush that has an angled end and a powder buffing end. Very good for an included brush, especially the angled end! I wouldn’t use the eye brush much myself but it’s still very nice and would be good if you get caught without an eye brush.

I also ordered a replacement Neutral pallet for work and a Complement pallet (pictured below). Love these both, the colours in the complement pallet rang from a warm champagne shimmer, a cream cool brown, a rich chocolateu plum which is super flattering on brown eyes and a sparkly purple which is beautiful but not a shade I will use often. I find strong purples make me look a little sleepy. I am more into a sharper dark shade for myself but as I said it would be lovely on someone else!


Heres the look I created with the 2 pallets! I’m still working on photographing makeup but I think I’m getting better…sorry if some of them are a little unflattering but I wanted to use flash and try to show the make up as truthfully as possible! Although theres a couple of clearly filtered/instragramed shots in there. I also used a individual eye colour in Stealth, a mix of two lip colours Growl and Rockabilly. Rockabilly is my first time purceshing one of Illamasquas Glamore lip colours. They are an amazing formula, somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick but long lasting and very pigmented. God knows who they do it. I am awful for getting lipstick everywhere if they aren’t totally matte but this stays well in place! Growl has been on my shopping last for a year now. It’s described as a rich mahogany brown on the website but it has a more reddish tone then I was expecting. I love it, would even wearing during the day but you need a liner and brush really to get a nice sharp line. I didn’t do this for the look below and I wish I has as I find the lip a little messy looking back. But I am impatient!



IMG_3706.JPGProducts used:

Skin: Illamasqua Skin Base foundation 04, Ben Nye in Fairest as highlighter

Cheeks: Hollow Pigment (Facets Pallet)

Eyes and brows: Facet and Complement Pallet

Hightlighter: Gleam Aura

Lips: Growl and Rockabilly






Glamour in a cold climate 2: retro winter inspiration 1950’s

Time for some wet weather inspo. I’m looking toward the amazing Ulyana Seergenko, a Russian Oligarch Princess of the fashion world. Model, designer, and all around street style maven! Now I know a few of vintage blogs have raved about her, for me she is up there with Dita Von Teese for “girls I google when feeling uninspired”.


The trick for the Seergenko look in my opinion is: Big full skirts, snug sweaters, unusual timeless colours and long coats. All so very lovely and yet so very practical!


So how about this amazing full skirt from Glamour Bunny? Full, brightly coloured, and perhaps a bustle or petticoat for more va-va-voom!

Skirt Red Taffeta Back Bow-500x550

And this fine knit lace pattern jumper from Reiss is pricey (e155 ouch) perfectly reflects her love of lace but is cosy and a little sexy too…


And how about finishing it off with a babushka scarf il_570xN.566512933_a2l8il_570xN.625932158_1em0

…..and some vintage wooden Russian jewelery? These are from etsy and I may very well go off and but them both now…


This vintage fur collared coat from Turquoise Flamingo is so perfect, please don’t buy before I do…


And then of course you can add boots and tights (hallelujah) so you can be cosy and warm and totally amazing…

3a98a0e1fe19b706b2ef4077fc29665aIn my internet trawling I found a blog post by a clever lady who has links to patterns to making lovely Ulyana style things! Swoony and good for those of you who are handy with a needle and thread!

R x

Agent Provoceture Review: Jena and Cendrillion

IMG_3466.JPGThis post is NSFW this ladies, this set is very steamy!

So I am a little late in reviewing this mismash. I am not really a gal for sticking to rules and matching lingerie is up there. I like things that look like they go together but can also be mixed because I am a laaaaazy lady. In fact this blog was almost call glamour for the lazy lady because, boy am I lazy. I’m hoping in the near future I will be able to give you guys tips and tutorial as to home to glamorous and so lazy too! Because it doesn’t take as much effort as we thing sometimes.


So anyway in the end of summer sale of agent provcature I treated myself to this babies. In the interest of truth and reviewership I will give you the prices. Needless to say I did pay for these all myself and no big businesses are supplying me with freebie. Sadly.

Jena Bra: e40 (I can’t remember the original price but knowing AP’s price point it was probably around e180)

Size 34E

Colour: Black satin

Fit: Girl if you are anyway breastily inclined you really need to size up on these bad boys. Last time I bought a bra from AP I was desperatly trying to get something pretty in a big size and I ended up with a 34 D thinking it would be on by usual 32DD. It wasn’t really and also I am probably more tipping the E side of the scale anyway. So I went way big this time which was good because there quite a bit of choice. The jena is a good cup size: bordelineing on being a midi cup and thus fairly close to nip slipping but I find it to be a safe choice. My one problem, which seems to be a problem I have a lot, the arm holes are a little too small. I feel they cut in a bit which is a shame because otherwise this bra would be on my daily rotation. Im hoping to perhaps shed a little squish soon so maybe I will be more comfortable in it soon.

Details: a sort of reverse bra clasp thing on the front so you can open it either way! I actually love the design as a feature but I’m not so into as a practical thing. I sort of wish it didn’t really work and was just pretty as I found while hand washing it it was kind of annoying to lay out to dry. Other then that I adore the cup and band style, I think it’s flattering and quite sexy.

Cendrillion suspender belt and briefs

Briefs is the word! These are one of the few sets I bought simply for prettiness and not for practicality

Size 3 (which is an equivilent to a 10-12)

Colour: black with a slightly lighter black shimmer. Hard to photograph.

Fit: Lovely! I feel a little like a trussed ham but it a strangely pleasing way. My biggest con of the whole set if a 4 strap belt doesn’t keep my suspenders that still and high! I find my stockings creeping down after a full day of work. Not at all control wear though, so don’t expect any shaping. You need to embrace your bod in these babies!

Details: The lace is pretty and nicely contrasted against skin. I being a serious whitey of course helps. Not quite as high contrast as it looks on the website but still pretty. Also obviously these have no bottom. None at all! Breezy and more then a little naughty. Personally I love it but it’s not for everyone!

I love this set, it makes me feel like I have a little secret hidden under my clothing! Sadly I think both sets are discontinued since the sale but you can surely find them on ebay which is a wealth of Agent Provocature!





Every day glamour tutorial

Hi guys! So I wanted to start vlogging and doing tutorials and I thought what better way to start then with a quick retro every day look. As I explain in the video, I wanted to show how all you really need is 15 minuets and few good products to look polished and “vintage”. Hope you enjoy it!

Products used:

Ben Nye foundations (fairest and au lait) :
Touch eclat foundation br30:
Bourjois healthy mix 51:
Illamasqua neutral pallet:
Illamasqua blush Hussy:
Illmasqua lipstck maneater:
Benefit highbeam:

Glamour in a cold climate: retro winter inspiration 1930’s

Oh to live in a country of eternal autumn. See I’m not fan of hot weather. I enjoy the sun and haze but alway rather a skirt and cardigan to a simple frock. Irish winters tend to drag on until march but autumn and spring are always my favourites. However as with most, I romanticise the notion without following throw. So I thought I would pick a couple of cold weather icons and what I think they would choose from for the colder months. Of course the fabulous thing about winter is a throw a fur collar (and I have a few of those) on and you’ve got yourself some lovely cosy retro tinged style.


So, first up is the recent portrayal of the badass Bonnie Parker by Holliday Grainger in the mini series Bonnie and Cylde (2013)


Now listen, no one can touch Faye Dunnaway in general beauty and amazing beret rocking but these days films are so much more concerned with being period correct!

So how does one do 1930’s while staying somewhat warm and dry? The out right winner of reproduction 1930’s day wear IN MY OPINION in 20th Century Foxy. I’ve never bought anything from their online shop but it all looks so good! How about….


A nice warm cardigan with some nice detailing! It’s hard to find cropped cardigans that aren’t child sized but this looks great!sageblouse_90f140

This sage high necked blouse! Personally I can’t imagine it suiting my shape but on smaller busted gals it would be to die for.skirt2

I will probably buy this skirt. Isn’t it just amazing! I think nude stockings some cute t-bars and you’d be unstoppable.


I had my eye on these shoes from B.A.I.T and I wish I had bought them but for some reason I went with another pair and I regretting it already. Sigh. Not the best shoes for wet weather and gosh we have a lot of it here! But they are so pretty and would just finish the look of perfectly!

Except for of course a black beret. Keeps your hair dry and in place, looks effortlessly chic in the process.

R x

Taking liberties: Mrs Pomeranze Review

I had a big themed post planned for last week but sadly work got in the way I missed my chance! Instead I thought I would do a little outfit post!


I was asked to do a quick hair and makeup for the ISPCC’s vintage high tea fundrasier. It was at the very luxurious Hayfield manor hotel. I wore my Mrs Pomeranz Manon Cotton dress which I bought from Brocade and Lime,IMG_3240.JPG

This dress is really fantastic quality. Think cotton, lined, beautiful boat neck, decorative buttons up the back but a side zip. This is good because I have popped the buttons off the back of things before while pouring myself into them but I so of hate size zips as I often struggle to fit all my boobage in. I know, I know, I should buy bigger clothes! However this dress is a size 12 and fits more like a 10 over the chest! I imagine the 14 would be good although then of course the waist would be too big.IMG_3238.JPGIsn’t the pattern amazing? It’s a liberty print fabric inspired by a William Morris caller “The Earthly Paradise”. It’s a lovely icey blue pallet. The cotton is rich and soft, the skirt has lots of fabric and has a lovely swing to it. The belt is nice and snug, made of a slightly shimmery white fabric which matches the buttons.

IMG_3239.JPGI went for a slightly more relaxed soft 60’s look. I didn’t get a chance to wet set it so this is all bendy rollers. Not my favourite hair style but it worked for a lazy sunday afternoon!

Magic Beans

DSC_5991I recently arranged a little one on one session with a very talented young photographer called Kate Bean. In my line of work I usually only have professional photos of me taken in the middle of a heady work session. Makeup-less, exhausted, hair in my eyes, look of concentration. I decided recently to do a bit of rebranding with a new website and new content and Kate was the best girl to help me do so! She really captured my house and room and over all style, it was a really fun couple of hours and she made me so relaxed. I would honestly recommend her for anything!DSC_6128 10418175_753011161417889_8324174840191065520_n DSC_6602 DSC_6206 DSC_6609 DSC_6152Collectif top, Asos skirtDSC_6383 Emily and Fin dress from Brocade and Lime , Pearls and Swine HeadpieceDSC_6169 DSC_6534-2 DSC_6576Red dress; Miss Daisy Blue
DSC_6561 DSC_6536