Needful things

I am a serial online shopper. I try to limit myself to a sort of “crop rotation” method of shopping…makeup one week, underwear the next, clothes the third and a week off! I would like to say that works or I stick to it but sadly no…the pull of pretty little things bears too strong! […]

A Very Glamorous Getaway

As some of you who follow me on instagram may have noticed, this week I spent a night in the amazingĀ Tree House at Grove HouseĀ in Skibbereen. I have admired these beautiful buildings for a long time so when the opportunity came up to stay there a night…the word “leaped” hardly describes the way I launched […]

Rosa Reviews: My basics

Let’s talk about the most important thing in my every day makeup: eyeliner. I am an everyday cat flick addict. For literally the last 10 years I have be a dedicated follower or this product and style. The only eyeliner for me? Mac liquid last. Now this product is not messing around. WaterProof, smudge proof, […]

Begin The Beguine

Hello internet. My name is Rosa and I love lipstick, underthings, the past, flowers, glamour and lashings of gin. I’ve come to share my knowledge of beauty gone by, my feelings on products and clothings, pretty objects and perhaps a dash of person style. I work as a vintage hair and makeup stylist in Ireland. […]