A Very Glamorous Getaway

As some of you who follow me on instagram may have noticed, this week I spent a night in the amazing Tree House at Grove House in Skibbereen. I have admired these beautiful buildings for a long time so when the opportunity came up to stay there a night…the word “leaped” hardly describes the way I launched myself at the chance!





There is nothing as exciting as climbing this beautiful trunk staircase. You climb up into the canopy of trees and feel like you’re so far away from the rest of the world.





The building was built by the proprieter Peter Warbuton and every inch of it has been beautifully made and finished. The bed was scattered with rose petals, a complimentary bottle of champagne stood on the table, the open plan room includes a neat kitchenette and a victorian claw foot tub….be still my beating heart.



First stop for me and my dapper gent is of course the hot tub. Nothing like a good soak and enjoying the views! *wink*




I only lounge in kimonos and turbans, of course.



The house is luxurious, glamorous, and totally eco friendly.

We only stayed one night and were very sad the next day when we had to leave! I cannot recommend this spot enough for a quiet stay. It is perfect for those (like myself) who love elegance and luxury with a rustic touch.

 Go here for bookings and availability!





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