In The Nip: me and my corset

So, if I had to say what my great love is in this life it would probably be my job. I lOVE my job. I am obsessed with my job and I do my job because even if I DIDN’T do my job, I would do my job.

Anyway, my second greatest love in life is lingerie. Oh how I love lingerie! My whole life I have looked whistefully on the delicate and complicated under pinnings a girl could have. The style of clothing I like wearing tends to sit better with a solid foundation and my body type could do with strong controlling sometimes.




I started waist training around 6 months ago and thought I would clear up facts and reasons about it! I apologise if the question phrasing is stupid…I struggle sometimes to not be cheesy:

Q: Why oh why? Surely it’s uncomfortable and you don’t really need it?

A: Well mainly I like the way it looks. Sure why else? I have in the last 2 years put on some extra weight and enjoy having larger (32DD/E) boobs and broader hips. I like having curves but I also want to have a mini waist! And to me it’s not really different to wearing shoulders pads if you’re a little slender that way.

Q: I love it, I want one! Where and how much?

A:Mine is a baby corset from What Katie Did. It’s shorter then the average “underbust” and I felt it would be easier to wearing under and over clothes. It’s usually e160. I waited until a promotion was on and got mine at 20% off. Which ironically I’m also hoping it would take off me. Boom! If you really really want one but e160 is too much then I suggest you either save and treat it like a big life investment (which is what I did) or get you to ebay! What Katie Did have a great outlet shop there and lots of people sell on their corsets when they size down.

Q: How big are you with and without it?

Currently 28″ without and “26 with, hoping to get down to 24” eventually….a couple more months hopefuly.




Q: How much do you wear it?

A few hours a day depending on my day. Between 2 and 6 hours I think.

Q: Talk to me about what’s good and what’s bad about it?

I am no expert. Not in the slightest. I researched as much as I can and am still learning! At this point I’m mainly “seasoning”/wearing in my corset and not heavily training my waist. I would like to be able to get a big reduction eventually and shall use this big as a way to update people on it and hopefully review corsets and other control wear!

I love Lucy’s Corsetry, she has done a post and video on practically EVERY question ever asked about corsets and reviewed so many different types. She is amazing and beautiful and has so much hair and such a small waist. Love her.

Also What Katie Did has a good comprehensive introduction and so does Orchard Corsets.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if you waist train and have a blog about it!!

R x


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