Needful things

I am a serial online shopper. I try to limit myself to a sort of “crop rotation” method of shopping…makeup one week, underwear the next, clothes the third and a week off! I would like to say that works or I stick to it but sadly no…the pull of pretty little things bears too strong! This is what’s in my sights this week:

1. Lascivious: Candy Bodysuit.

Art deco superhero. Amazingly on sale for 60 GBP but sadly only left in a Large which Im not sure would be worth risking the money on.


All the Lascivious lingerie is AMAZING. They also go up to an F cup which is great for those of us who are ample but still want to wear something edgy and sexy. Not a matronly boulder holder in sight…Which brings me onto the next item on the wish list…

2:Jeanie kimono, mai bra and knickers)


I adore the black tulle and leather detailing of the underwear set and the sheer silk kimono. Very modern pin up. Pricey again at e120 for the set and e300 for the kimono. I think I’ll be leaving this one till I win the pools.

3: Alexander Grecco:Gretta Tulle Skirt (seafoam)


The perfect thing to hide my fancy under garments under. Much more floaty and romantic then I ever could be!

And finally..

4: L’ecole des femmes: Little Red silk crepe dress


Pretty but a little cheeky. Works out at e150, that’s it coming from america and including a slightly scandalous shipping fee. Not bad at all for a nicely designed and high quality material. I’m seriously in love with this whole line and their creator whose saucy instagram feed is NOT for the easily offended.

R x


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