Shades Of Cool

20140714-194241-70961807.jpgToday felt like a day for smokey soft 60’s eye. I also wanted to play with some new toys, the Illamasqua sculpting duo and blusher in Hussey, and a big fat set of lashes I got in the chemist by the ever glamorous Kardashians. The set are called “Bardot”. Although I felt a little robbed spending so around 9 euro on them but was actually quite pleased with them. They have a slightly cheap feeling thick base but apply fairly easily unlike very cheap ones. Also I think now perhaps the thicker base will mean they retain more structure over time, good for repeated use. Not good for a natural look but no surprises there.


The highlighter and contouring colour in this set work beautifully on pale skin like mine. Its nice way to add structure but not colour which will be nice for winter. The blush is a beautiful rich colour.20140714-194239-70959484.jpg

Another cheapy product, collection 2000 “creme puff”. Amazing matt finish, and years before the bigger companies jumped on the idea! Soft and creamy, not too drying yet still a lovely retro finish. The liner is Maybellien, ancient and the name is gone.


Mac eyeshadow in Shale, my trust mac eyeliner and a lancome kohl liner. Used a bit of the smashbox primer but I’m not totally sold on the formula. It’s a just not really there enough for me.


Here’s the results from many angles and one without a filter. Its not easy capturing makeup with my phone, it tends make everything look a little blotchy and not true to colour.




This is me attempting to give it some Bardot sex kitten



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