Ever get that feeling that new cosmetics will TOTALLY change your life? I was in that mood this week. The last lot of makeup was for my work kit so this week I got some pretties for myself ….

Touché éclat Tient foundation in b30. Despite all my best efforts to see it properly I ended up buying an EVER SO slightly wrong shade. I’m thinking maybe the b20 or bd20 would have been better but I ended up with this one, even after me going in and out of the shop and attempting to get good light. I’ll suffer in the winter, I suspect I will be buying a shade down by October! The blush is a creme called Rose and it’s a beautiful shade.


I’ve never used soap and glory before so I made the most of their 3 for 2 offer.


Sexy mother pucker is supposed to pump up your lips and really believe it gives you a plumper stinging feeling. Not totally uncomfortable and a barely there peach shade. I have tiny lips but kind if hate glosses but I actually like this.



The face powder is beautiful, really translucent and not heavy at all. The bronzer is great too, silky and matte. I hate shimmery face products usually so this is aces. Also the heavy plastic/cardboard packaging means it won’t break so much when dropped. I drop bronzers and blushers all the time. The make up bag is a mess of broken precious things usually so hopefully these will be a little hardier!


I also redid my hair dark brown and blonde. I usually love the loreal dye in the lightest shade, I think it’s 1.01. This one “Stockholm blonde” really did nothing to my blonde streak. It’s supposed to give a pearlescent finish but to me its basically just made my hair a little less yellow blonde. Not worth the money in my opinion. Did my roots with brown.

So although my life has not been changed I like all these! I’ll upload a look of them soon.
R x


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