I dream in mint

So I’ve been a little bad at blogging lately. Oh bad Rosa! Sadly my job has kept me busy, I’ve been working so very much. Weddings in full flow! If you want to see some of my recent work go have a look at my facebook and see some of the lovely hair and makeup!


In other news however, I bought a CAR!

Can we all agree it is the cutest little thing? Now of course, as in my taste in clothes and men, it’s very attractive but old and falling apart and needs a LOT of attention. But my gosh it doesn’t half make me happy. Nipping around the country side with the top down while the summer is still here


And, for a smaller but altogether just as amazing haul, I got my very own hood dryer. Yes, it’s from the 60’s. See I am a slave to my pin curl sets but I have rather thick hair. I can’t always get the hours in for it to dry totally so this might just solve all my problems! Although I do feel like I should sit underneath it in a silk gown with a cocktail. Betty Draper realness.



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