Zoeva Brush Review

So I spent way too much money on brushes the other day. Like I know I have to use brushes for my job and I have an awful habit of buying lovely brushed for myself and then letting them slip into my work kit and eventually I have to scrabble between the 2 when I’m getting ready to go out. I decided to treat myself to some nice brushes for personal use and even more for work kit and it was very much worth it!

Now I have recently been disappointed by a certain brush line….the Real techniques brushes if I’m being totally honest. Now I don’t know what the problem is but we just do not get on. I love the brushes off the bat and I reaaaaaally wanted to love and use them always, but there were problems. Namely, the bristles fell out. I returned them and was assured it was a faulty batch but again, the bristles became loose and misshapen and then just started to drop like leaves. Bummer. And I thought perhaps I was being too rough with my alcohol spot cleaning but honestly I’ve had brushes of varying prices for 7+ years and not lost a bristle. So it can’t be simply my fault?

Anyone on the the positives! I havn’t the time or experience with them (I’ve only had them 2 weeks) to go through them one by one but so far the result it over whelmingly good.

I bought the beautiful Rose Gold set for my personal stash. And my gosh they are beautiful!

Price: e65.00


So far I love them all, especially the face and eye brushes. They are gorgeous and fluffy and clean with no problem. The contouring face brush is amazing. My only problem is with the slanted eyebrow/eyeliner brush…I prefer a shorter stiffer brush to do my eyebrows and I draw the whole things on and like a nice sharp line! Would be good for someone who wanted to use it as an eyeliner brush. The Lovely brown leather bag is also great.


Next on the list in the Zoeva Complete Set e105.00

Again what a beautiful set. I adore the face brushes, the are so soft and fluffy and good for blending. Perhaps the extra large buffing brush is too fat to do small concentrated work which I personally like but there are many more to choose from! I very much like the “petite eyeblender” and the “concealer buffer”. I will go through them all one by one some day in the near future but until then I will say this is an amazing set for someone who is maybe starting to work professionally and wants to stock up on all the good brushes! Also for those people like me who wanted new toys but didn’t know which exactly specifically to replace…I imagine other people have this problem too!



Overall I would say Zoeva brushes are attractive, hight quality, quickly delivered, and very good value for money! I don’t think I’ll need to restock for a long time!

R x




2 thoughts on “Zoeva Brush Review

  1. Great review Rosa! I have to say that unfortunately I agree with you on the Real Techniques brushes. I love Pixiwoo and Sam Chapman is a seriously sound lady but I have had the bristle loss & misshapen brush head issue also. I don’t think RT brushes can hold up to professional use 😦
    Zoeva on the other hand, wow! Love them so much….even more than MAC…..shhhhh

    • Oh I’m so glad someone else had this problem! I’ve searched the internet to see if I was alone in it but all reviews seemed glowing. I would say 2 out of 6 brushes have lasted 6 months. Zoeva are knocking a lot of my other favourites out the park ❤

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