Magic Beans

DSC_5991I recently arranged a little one on one session with a very talented young photographer called Kate Bean. In my line of work I usually only have professional photos of me taken in the middle of a heady work session. Makeup-less, exhausted, hair in my eyes, look of concentration. I decided recently to do a bit of rebranding with a new website and new content and Kate was the best girl to help me do so! She really captured my house and room and over all style, it was a really fun couple of hours and she made me so relaxed. I would honestly recommend her for anything!DSC_6128 10418175_753011161417889_8324174840191065520_n DSC_6602 DSC_6206 DSC_6609 DSC_6152Collectif top, Asos skirtDSC_6383 Emily and Fin dress from Brocade and Lime , Pearls and Swine HeadpieceDSC_6169 DSC_6534-2 DSC_6576Red dress; Miss Daisy Blue
DSC_6561 DSC_6536


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