Taking liberties: Mrs Pomeranze Review

I had a big themed post planned for last week but sadly work got in the way I missed my chance! Instead I thought I would do a little outfit post!


I was asked to do a quick hair and makeup for the ISPCC’s vintage high tea fundrasier. It was at the very luxurious Hayfield manor hotel. I wore my Mrs Pomeranz Manon Cotton dress which I bought from Brocade and Lime,IMG_3240.JPG

This dress is really fantastic quality. Think cotton, lined, beautiful boat neck, decorative buttons up the back but a side zip. This is good because I have popped the buttons off the back of things before while pouring myself into them but I so of hate size zips as I often struggle to fit all my boobage in. I know, I know, I should buy bigger clothes! However this dress is a size 12 and fits more like a 10 over the chest! I imagine the 14 would be good although then of course the waist would be too big.IMG_3238.JPGIsn’t the pattern amazing? It’s a liberty print fabric inspired by a William Morris caller “The Earthly Paradise”. It’s a lovely icey blue pallet. The cotton is rich and soft, the skirt has lots of fabric and has a lovely swing to it. The belt is nice and snug, made of a slightly shimmery white fabric which matches the buttons.

IMG_3239.JPGI went for a slightly more relaxed soft 60’s look. I didn’t get a chance to wet set it so this is all bendy rollers. Not my favourite hair style but it worked for a lazy sunday afternoon!


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