Glamour in a cold climate: retro winter inspiration 1930’s

Oh to live in a country of eternal autumn. See I’m not fan of hot weather. I enjoy the sun and haze but alway rather a skirt and cardigan to a simple frock. Irish winters tend to drag on until march but autumn and spring are always my favourites. However as with most, I romanticise the notion without following throw. So I thought I would pick a couple of cold weather icons and what I think they would choose from for the colder months. Of course the fabulous thing about winter is a throw a fur collar (and I have a few of those) on and you’ve got yourself some lovely cosy retro tinged style.


So, first up is the recent portrayal of the badass Bonnie Parker by Holliday Grainger in the mini series Bonnie and Cylde (2013)


Now listen, no one can touch Faye Dunnaway in general beauty and amazing beret rocking but these days films are so much more concerned with being period correct!

So how does one do 1930’s while staying somewhat warm and dry? The out right winner of reproduction 1930’s day wear IN MY OPINION in 20th Century Foxy. I’ve never bought anything from their online shop but it all looks so good! How about….


A nice warm cardigan with some nice detailing! It’s hard to find cropped cardigans that aren’t child sized but this looks great!sageblouse_90f140

This sage high necked blouse! Personally I can’t imagine it suiting my shape but on smaller busted gals it would be to die for.skirt2

I will probably buy this skirt. Isn’t it just amazing! I think nude stockings some cute t-bars and you’d be unstoppable.


I had my eye on these shoes from B.A.I.T and I wish I had bought them but for some reason I went with another pair and I regretting it already. Sigh. Not the best shoes for wet weather and gosh we have a lot of it here! But they are so pretty and would just finish the look of perfectly!

Except for of course a black beret. Keeps your hair dry and in place, looks effortlessly chic in the process.

R x


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