Agent Provoceture Review: Jena and Cendrillion

IMG_3466.JPGThis post is NSFW this ladies, this set is very steamy!

So I am a little late in reviewing this mismash. I am not really a gal for sticking to rules and matching lingerie is up there. I like things that look like they go together but can also be mixed because I am a laaaaazy lady. In fact this blog was almost call glamour for the lazy lady because, boy am I lazy. I’m hoping in the near future I will be able to give you guys tips and tutorial as to home to glamorous and so lazy too! Because it doesn’t take as much effort as we thing sometimes.


So anyway in the end of summer sale of agent provcature I treated myself to this babies. In the interest of truth and reviewership I will give you the prices. Needless to say I did pay for these all myself and no big businesses are supplying me with freebie. Sadly.

Jena Bra: e40 (I can’t remember the original price but knowing AP’s price point it was probably around e180)

Size 34E

Colour: Black satin

Fit: Girl if you are anyway breastily inclined you really need to size up on these bad boys. Last time I bought a bra from AP I was desperatly trying to get something pretty in a big size and I ended up with a 34 D thinking it would be on by usual 32DD. It wasn’t really and also I am probably more tipping the E side of the scale anyway. So I went way big this time which was good because there quite a bit of choice. The jena is a good cup size: bordelineing on being a midi cup and thus fairly close to nip slipping but I find it to be a safe choice. My one problem, which seems to be a problem I have a lot, the arm holes are a little too small. I feel they cut in a bit which is a shame because otherwise this bra would be on my daily rotation. Im hoping to perhaps shed a little squish soon so maybe I will be more comfortable in it soon.

Details: a sort of reverse bra clasp thing on the front so you can open it either way! I actually love the design as a feature but I’m not so into as a practical thing. I sort of wish it didn’t really work and was just pretty as I found while hand washing it it was kind of annoying to lay out to dry. Other then that I adore the cup and band style, I think it’s flattering and quite sexy.

Cendrillion suspender belt and briefs

Briefs is the word! These are one of the few sets I bought simply for prettiness and not for practicality

Size 3 (which is an equivilent to a 10-12)

Colour: black with a slightly lighter black shimmer. Hard to photograph.

Fit: Lovely! I feel a little like a trussed ham but it a strangely pleasing way. My biggest con of the whole set if a 4 strap belt doesn’t keep my suspenders that still and high! I find my stockings creeping down after a full day of work. Not at all control wear though, so don’t expect any shaping. You need to embrace your bod in these babies!

Details: The lace is pretty and nicely contrasted against skin. I being a serious whitey of course helps. Not quite as high contrast as it looks on the website but still pretty. Also obviously these have no bottom. None at all! Breezy and more then a little naughty. Personally I love it but it’s not for everyone!

I love this set, it makes me feel like I have a little secret hidden under my clothing! Sadly I think both sets are discontinued since the sale but you can surely find them on ebay which is a wealth of Agent Provocature!






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