Glamour in a cold climate 2: retro winter inspiration 1950’s

Time for some wet weather inspo. I’m looking toward the amazing Ulyana Seergenko, a Russian Oligarch Princess of the fashion world. Model, designer, and all around street style maven! Now I know a few of vintage blogs have raved about her, for me she is up there with Dita Von Teese for “girls I google when feeling uninspired”.


The trick for the Seergenko look in my opinion is: Big full skirts, snug sweaters, unusual timeless colours and long coats. All so very lovely and yet so very practical!


So how about this amazing full skirt from Glamour Bunny? Full, brightly coloured, and perhaps a bustle or petticoat for more va-va-voom!

Skirt Red Taffeta Back Bow-500x550

And this fine knit lace pattern jumper from Reiss is pricey (e155 ouch) perfectly reflects her love of lace but is cosy and a little sexy too…


And how about finishing it off with a babushka scarf il_570xN.566512933_a2l8il_570xN.625932158_1em0

…..and some vintage wooden Russian jewelery? These are from etsy and I may very well go off and but them both now…


This vintage fur collared coat from Turquoise Flamingo is so perfect, please don’t buy before I do…


And then of course you can add boots and tights (hallelujah) so you can be cosy and warm and totally amazing…

3a98a0e1fe19b706b2ef4077fc29665aIn my internet trawling I found a blog post by a clever lady who has links to patterns to making lovely Ulyana style things! Swoony and good for those of you who are handy with a needle and thread!

R x


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