Review: Charlotte Tilbury

Ah CT. How you went for a well respected and famously admired makeup artist to a cosmetics mogul. Everything from the rose gold packaging, the beautiful website and the very clever youtube series showing you how to use the products. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of products! Especially with a new brand and you don’t know what you want yet. So I followed her bombshell look (of course) and dropped a pretty penny on some beautiful products.

Heres what I went with: Full fat glossy lash mascara, Matte revolution lipstick in Red Carpet Red, retoucher in Fair 1, Colour Chameleon eye pencil in Amber Haze, Lip Cheat pencil in pillow case and a pencil sharpener as the eye pencil is big!

First things first, packaging is amazing, really luxurious! The matte lipstick box was matte. How amazing.

Red Carpet red is a fabulous blue red, the packaging is beautiful although some people may find it a little frumpy as quite old fashioned and heavy. Totally up my street, thick metal and a lot heavier then the besame lipsticks which also have retro gold packaging. The red is lovely and dense, matte but not patchy and long lasting. It did rub out somewhat in the middle but not the edges over the day but that’s hardly unusual. The colour while being gorgeous isn’t totally dissimilar to Besame’s red velvet or MAC’S russian red. For me it will always be special for the packaging as I’m a sucker for the glam. Next time I will got for a nude shade as I adore the range she has, I went with red for my first buy as I KNOW I will wear it.

More beautiful packaging with the retoucher! It’s a beautiful highlighting pen, it’s a touche eclat type product for the inside of the eyes and dark edges. I love it, use it every day. It has a light almost watery texture which means it doesnt sit and crease. Fabulous for older ladies!The mascara is great, I have fairly standard lashes, not long and thick, not short or thin, just sort of in between everything. All I can really expect it darker lashes and perhaps a small amount of lengthening. Honestly though I just dont like lengthening mascaras, I just want mine to look dark and thick and this does that! No spider lashes, not thinner and longer. The nude lip pencil is beautiful, pretty much my lip colour and perfect for over lining, 60’s looks. days when I want to look natural (LOL JK).



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