Zoeva Brush Review

So I spent way too much money on brushes the other day. Like I know I have to use brushes for my job and I have an awful habit of buying lovely brushed for myself and then letting them slip into my work kit and eventually I have to scrabble between the 2 when I’m getting ready to go out. I decided to treat myself to some nice brushes for personal use and even more for work kit and it was very much worth it!

Now I have recently been disappointed by a certain brush line….the Real techniques brushes if I’m being totally honest. Now I don’t know what the problem is but we just do not get on. I love the brushes off the bat and I reaaaaaally wanted to love and use them always, but there were problems. Namely, the bristles fell out. I returned them and was assured it was a faulty batch but again, the bristles became loose and misshapen and then just started to drop like leaves. Bummer. And I thought perhaps I was being too rough with my alcohol spot cleaning but honestly I’ve had brushes of varying prices for 7+ years and not lost a bristle. So it can’t be simply my fault?

Anyone on the the positives! I havn’t the time or experience with them (I’ve only had them 2 weeks) to go through them one by one but so far the result it over whelmingly good.

I bought the beautiful Rose Gold set for my personal stash. And my gosh they are beautiful!

Price: e65.00


So far I love them all, especially the face and eye brushes. They are gorgeous and fluffy and clean with no problem. The contouring face brush is amazing. My only problem is with the slanted eyebrow/eyeliner brush…I prefer a shorter stiffer brush to do my eyebrows and I draw the whole things on and like a nice sharp line! Would be good for someone who wanted to use it as an eyeliner brush. The Lovely brown leather bag is also great.


Next on the list in the Zoeva Complete Set e105.00

Again what a beautiful set. I adore the face brushes, the are so soft and fluffy and good for blending. Perhaps the extra large buffing brush is too fat to do small concentrated work which I personally like but there are many more to choose from! I very much like the “petite eyeblender” and the “concealer buffer”. I will go through them all one by one some day in the near future but until then I will say this is an amazing set for someone who is maybe starting to work professionally and wants to stock up on all the good brushes! Also for those people like me who wanted new toys but didn’t know which exactly specifically to replace…I imagine other people have this problem too!



Overall I would say Zoeva brushes are attractive, hight quality, quickly delivered, and very good value for money! I don’t think I’ll need to restock for a long time!

R x




Flash Back OOTD: Le Chat Noir


IMG_2647.JPGTop and Flower Crown: Pennys, Vintage Skirt: The Loved One, Apron: Vintage

The perfect ensemble for a long hot day of doing hair and makeup at Le Chat Noir Vintage fair at Castle Martyr Resort back at the beginning of August. It was such an amazing day, I just I had had time to wander around but sadly I am a slave to hot rollers on days like this. As always I was there offering e15 hair styles and makeup. Such a good event and a must for anyone in Cork who is into the scene!

R x

Competition winner!

So last week on facebook page I ran a competition to give 2 tickets away to an amazing burlesque show in Cork city featuring The Art Crimes band and the amazing preformer Foxy P Cox and lot’s over other talented people from all over the world! It’s bound to be an amazing night. Also included in the prize is a little goodie bag courtesy of yours truly including a voucher and some other goodies.




The competition went on all week and here is a little video of me drawing the winner…..



Burlesque winner from Rosa O on Vimeo.

Collectif Penny Dress Review

So if there is one dress that’s a staple amongst the vintage/retro/curvy bloogers recently, it’s the Collectif Penny Pencil Dress. Black, skin tight, cross straps? Heaven. And amazing on a vast variety of shapes and sizes judging by it’s popularity! So recently Collectif have AN INSANE 50% off everything sale and I leapt at the chance to buy one of my own.


I took the chance to wear it last weekend and here is how I felt about it! Overall I adore this dress, it’s so flattering and classy yet a little sexy, the perfect little black dress.


Collectif Penny Dress: 50.00 GBP

Size 10




Colour: Black. A nice solid pitch black.

Quality: As always with Collecitf, beautiful quality especially considering the super good prices! 50 for a dress of this quality is amazing! I would almost put it on pas with Stop Staring! which is considerably higher, although it doesn’t have a many structured detailing. You do need to have a nice smooth line underneath the dress to maximise the magic!

IMG_2927.JPGI apologise for the awkward full length shot! I am new to the blogging thing and more focused on giving myself antlers 🙂

Fit: Perfect! But dear God LISTEN to their descriptions! I over estimated my size (I am between a 10 and 12) and on a different style of theirs I was told to size down and thought a 10 would be sort of sizing down but it’s not. These dresses are spray on tight, but soooo flattering and perfect for even those on the larger side of sizes!

Cons: Now I like to be honest and balanced about these things and nothing is perfect is it? My only flaw with this dress is I personally don’t like halter necks. I have bad shoulder pain and I don’t enjoy how it looks bad unless you have it pulled up properly…But I could possibly aid that by wearing a good strapless bra. In my idea world the straps would attach to the back of the dress! I may get it altered to fit like that.


Oh and also don’t think you’re industructable and split your skirt in 2 while playing party games. Although that is no fault of the dress and solely my own.

Love R x




Outfit: a 60’s inspired autumn ready look. Top: Toast, Cardigan: Whitestuff, Skirt: Charity Shop, Necklace: Pennys

Face: 60’s, heavy liner (mac liquid last), pink rose lips



We took Zelda (I am naming her so after my idol Zelda Fitzgerald, another high drama yet irresistably charming charecter) down to the little seaside town of Ardmore today. Autumn is in the air and I got my tights and cardigan out for the first time since May. Brrr. A nice windy day like this calls for Fish and Chips and strolls around villages. I’m a sucker for such things.


My dapper.


IMG_2729.JPGDreamy Ivy covered house, I had to hide behind a gate post so the lady of the manor wouldn’t see me.

I dream in mint

So I’ve been a little bad at blogging lately. Oh bad Rosa! Sadly my job has kept me busy, I’ve been working so very much. Weddings in full flow! If you want to see some of my recent work go have a look at my facebook and see some of the lovely hair and makeup!


In other news however, I bought a CAR!

Can we all agree it is the cutest little thing? Now of course, as in my taste in clothes and men, it’s very attractive but old and falling apart and needs a LOT of attention. But my gosh it doesn’t half make me happy. Nipping around the country side with the top down while the summer is still here


And, for a smaller but altogether just as amazing haul, I got my very own hood dryer. Yes, it’s from the 60’s. See I am a slave to my pin curl sets but I have rather thick hair. I can’t always get the hours in for it to dry totally so this might just solve all my problems! Although I do feel like I should sit underneath it in a silk gown with a cocktail. Betty Draper realness.



Ever get that feeling that new cosmetics will TOTALLY change your life? I was in that mood this week. The last lot of makeup was for my work kit so this week I got some pretties for myself ….

Touché éclat Tient foundation in b30. Despite all my best efforts to see it properly I ended up buying an EVER SO slightly wrong shade. I’m thinking maybe the b20 or bd20 would have been better but I ended up with this one, even after me going in and out of the shop and attempting to get good light. I’ll suffer in the winter, I suspect I will be buying a shade down by October! The blush is a creme called Rose and it’s a beautiful shade.


I’ve never used soap and glory before so I made the most of their 3 for 2 offer.


Sexy mother pucker is supposed to pump up your lips and really believe it gives you a plumper stinging feeling. Not totally uncomfortable and a barely there peach shade. I have tiny lips but kind if hate glosses but I actually like this.



The face powder is beautiful, really translucent and not heavy at all. The bronzer is great too, silky and matte. I hate shimmery face products usually so this is aces. Also the heavy plastic/cardboard packaging means it won’t break so much when dropped. I drop bronzers and blushers all the time. The make up bag is a mess of broken precious things usually so hopefully these will be a little hardier!


I also redid my hair dark brown and blonde. I usually love the loreal dye in the lightest shade, I think it’s 1.01. This one “Stockholm blonde” really did nothing to my blonde streak. It’s supposed to give a pearlescent finish but to me its basically just made my hair a little less yellow blonde. Not worth the money in my opinion. Did my roots with brown.

So although my life has not been changed I like all these! I’ll upload a look of them soon.
R x

Shades Of Cool

20140714-194241-70961807.jpgToday felt like a day for smokey soft 60’s eye. I also wanted to play with some new toys, the Illamasqua sculpting duo and blusher in Hussey, and a big fat set of lashes I got in the chemist by the ever glamorous Kardashians. The set are called “Bardot”. Although I felt a little robbed spending so around 9 euro on them but was actually quite pleased with them. They have a slightly cheap feeling thick base but apply fairly easily unlike very cheap ones. Also I think now perhaps the thicker base will mean they retain more structure over time, good for repeated use. Not good for a natural look but no surprises there.


The highlighter and contouring colour in this set work beautifully on pale skin like mine. Its nice way to add structure but not colour which will be nice for winter. The blush is a beautiful rich colour.20140714-194239-70959484.jpg

Another cheapy product, collection 2000 “creme puff”. Amazing matt finish, and years before the bigger companies jumped on the idea! Soft and creamy, not too drying yet still a lovely retro finish. The liner is Maybellien, ancient and the name is gone.


Mac eyeshadow in Shale, my trust mac eyeliner and a lancome kohl liner. Used a bit of the smashbox primer but I’m not totally sold on the formula. It’s a just not really there enough for me.


Here’s the results from many angles and one without a filter. Its not easy capturing makeup with my phone, it tends make everything look a little blotchy and not true to colour.




This is me attempting to give it some Bardot sex kitten


Rosa Reviews: Playful Promises


I was recently browsing a very good lingerie blog. I was looking around for review on Agent Provcatueres sizing before I dove into their sale and found a whole wealth of information on independent lingerie lines! Playful Pomises  came highly recommended and wouldn’t you know, they were having a BIG sale.

So I decided to drop some cash on some pretty things are here are my spoils!

DISCLAIMER: All my own money, nothing was sent to me, this is an honest review and includes some photos of me wearing items. Please do not use images without crediting me.

First thing I got was this amazing red Love Crimson tulle and Stitch Bra in 32DD

Price: Usually 37.50, Sale price 12.00

Colour: 10/10 amazing sexy silky red crimson. I would say it falls into the cooler blue tone of red. Really very flattery on my pale skin and I imagine would be beautiful on any skin colour. Red I think come sometimes be a little tacky but this shade is anything but cheap looking! It was


Detailing: 8/10 Beautiful stitching both inside and out! Reminds me of a the What Katie Did Bullet Bra. Once again creates a really luxurious expensive finish on the item. My only problem is the bra is edge with tulle which sits a little funny on me through clothes. Almost makes a bullet/conical shape but not quite…I think it’s almost make a lip! Making my jugs look a little like actual jugs.


Fit: 8/10 The fit over all was very good on me. I am not an unusual bra size per say although some sizing guides fit me at a 30FF. I found the DD to be big enough with a doubt. As I am a little fleshier under my arms (and always have been not matter what the cup size) I prefer the look of a wide strap on myself. These straps are very very slim which I would worry start to hurt if the cups had too much pressure put on them or where too tight. It’s a bra I would wear for a casual day and not one I would depend on for helping form the shape I need under a tight outfit!


Instead of going with silk and tulle brief (which isn’t a shape I like on myself) I instead opted for:

The Tatiana High waist brief in Medium and Tatiana Longline Suspender Girdle also in Medium

I didn’t take any photos of the briefs but for most catagories they are the same at the Girdle.

Price: Girdle – 45.00 usually, 10.00 in sale Brief: usually 30.00. 8.00 in sale

Colour: Beautiful sheer black matched with black silk with a rose patter. I LOVE anything rose pattered. The print is in subtle tones again, not garish of cheap looking in the slightest.


Detailing: 9/10 again amazing workman ship. Brief has a simple exposed elastic waist band, which personally I really like. It’s more everyday and sits perfectly under clothes. Gridle has an amazing open back, sutble ruching and something which I can only imaging is “modestly stitching” over the bottom. The only flaw I can see is it only has 4 suspenders which can be a pain with seamed stockings!

20140707-144645-53205879.jpg  Fit: 10/10 I’m between a 10 and a 12 and went for the medium (12). Perfect fit, would NOT go any smaller if you’re packing more then a 38 inch hip. Sometimes high waisted things can be cut a little too short and hit that unflattering spot under your belly button but both these are a great length!


Next up: Dominique Long Line Bra size 32DD

Price: Usually 45.00, in sale 10.00

Colour: 10/10 A beautiful deep silky black and mesh again. Couldn’t really capture it well with my phone camera!


Detailing: 9/10 Lovely long line bra, very beautiful stitching and detailing especially at the front where the cross section between the cups! I really like the mix of the silk and mesh again.I expected the cage section to be a little more reinforced but this could be more of a sizing issue!


Fit: 7/10 To be honest there site mentioned these run a little big but as I mentioned before I went for what I thought would be too small and it actually turned out to be a small bit big! I find it sits away from my body a little. Again the smaller straps are a little lost/concealed in my fleshy underarms/chest. Love the 3 clasp back though which feels very strong and supportive. Bras strength really comes from a well fitting band but I may try and exchanging this for the smaller size and see if it fits better! Its sad because I really love it and I was soooo hoping it fit well! Sorry it looks a little bunchy in the photo as I put it on after my corset (duh) and didn’t have enough space!

Ghost Retro Body and Briefs (both medium):

Pricing: body 45.00 down to 10.00, brief 25.00 down to 10.00

Colour: 10/10 amazing but really really REALLY hard to photograph light blue with blosson pattern again with black mesh.Perhaps even a little mauve? The website photos show it well. Not my usual colour pallet but very pretty in these items.



Detailing: 10/10 again lovely statement stitching which may not be everyones cup of tea but I like a lot! Sort of hardens up a fairly girlie objects. The back of the body suit is in sheer mesh again which is beautiful and it has POPPERS in the crotch thank god. One thing I hate is taking all my clothes off in bathrooms to pee,so this is a big asset to me!20140707-144644-53204244.jpgFit: 10/10 Medium in both again and no complaints here! Was worried about the body as it’s very unscrtured but was lovely and flattering on bigger boobs. No support mind you but I’m not too worried about that, wouldn’t be great it winter though! 20140707-144638-53198735.jpg

And finally:

Heather Vintage stitch soft bra and mini bloomer brief

Pricing: bra 20.00 down to 10.00, bloomer 15.00 down to 8.00

Colour: 10/10 lovely heathery mauve with black lace detail, less brown then the pictures on the website look, best colour reference is the close up of the lace I’ve included.


Detailing 10/10: again  amazing stitching on the bra and the lace edges and beautiful and delicate and not scratchy at all!


Fit: 10/10 Both items are in medium and so lovely and comfy. The brief isn’t really my style (I really just couldn’t resist the set) as I find the low and puffy cut can make someone of my figure look a little dumpy! More of a loungerie item I think. something to wear under comfy clothes for a day of lazing! The bra fits like the body suit, nice and snug without being too tight!




So if you’re planning on buying some Playful Promises I say go for it! Amazing selection of styles and items, including waspies,suspender belts and a clothing line! I dipped my toes in in the sale and will keep an eye on them! Would definetly buy from them again, quick affordable delivery and a beautiful website.

R x



Needful things

I am a serial online shopper. I try to limit myself to a sort of “crop rotation” method of shopping…makeup one week, underwear the next, clothes the third and a week off! I would like to say that works or I stick to it but sadly no…the pull of pretty little things bears too strong! This is what’s in my sights this week:

1. Lascivious: Candy Bodysuit.

Art deco superhero. Amazingly on sale for 60 GBP but sadly only left in a Large which Im not sure would be worth risking the money on.


All the Lascivious lingerie is AMAZING. They also go up to an F cup which is great for those of us who are ample but still want to wear something edgy and sexy. Not a matronly boulder holder in sight…Which brings me onto the next item on the wish list…

2:Jeanie kimono, mai bra and knickers)


I adore the black tulle and leather detailing of the underwear set and the sheer silk kimono. Very modern pin up. Pricey again at e120 for the set and e300 for the kimono. I think I’ll be leaving this one till I win the pools.

3: Alexander Grecco:Gretta Tulle Skirt (seafoam)


The perfect thing to hide my fancy under garments under. Much more floaty and romantic then I ever could be!

And finally..

4: L’ecole des femmes: Little Red silk crepe dress


Pretty but a little cheeky. Works out at e150, that’s it coming from america and including a slightly scandalous shipping fee. Not bad at all for a nicely designed and high quality material. I’m seriously in love with this whole line and their creator whose saucy instagram feed is NOT for the easily offended.

R x